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Top 5 Best New WhatsApp Tricks 2019- Everyone Should Try

Top 5 Best New WhatsApp Messenger Tricks 2019- Everyone Should Try:- Hello friends I am back again with some amazing WhatsApp tricks. If you follow these tricks you will get a better experience of using WhatsApp than before.

These whatsapp tricks are available for all users. You don't need to make any big effort to try these tricks as these tricks are very simple. So let's read complete article and find the tricks.

Top 5 Best New WhatsApp Tricks 2019- Everyone Should Try:

1. How to Listen to a WhatsApp Voice Message in Public Places:

If you are in a public place and someone sent you a private audio message. You don't have the earphones at that time and the audio will be played on loudspeaker which is really uncomfortable. But here is trick you should try.

•Play the Audio Message on your WhatsApp and place your near your ear.•The proximity sensor will automatically detect that your phone is near your ear and your audio will be played using earpiece instead of loudspeaker. So it&…