5 Most Mysterious and Strangest Planets in the Known Universe

5 Most Mysterious and Strangest Planets in the Universe:
In our universe, there are many ExoPlanets. ExoPlanets means the planets that exist outside our universe. There are billions of ExoPlanets but there are some amazing Exoplanets about which everyone should know.

So here we are with the collection of 5 Most Mysterious and Strangest Planets in the Universe. So let’s get started.

5 Most Mysterious and Strangest Planets in the Universe.


1.55 CANCRI E – The Diamond Planet

This planet is also known as the diamond planet because it is made of diamonds. It’s size is 2 times bigger than earth. This planet had carbon. Diamond is formed when carbon is kept in very high pressure. The density of this planet is very high, due to this reason the carbon in this planet turned into diamond.
This planet is 40 light years far from our earth.


2.HD 189733B – Glass Rain takes place on this Planet

This planet is 63 light years far from our solar system. The amazing facts about this planet is that Glass rain takes place here. The atmosphere of the planet is made of silicon due to which the planet looks blue in colour. The temperature of this planet is very high. For this reason the silicon changes into pieces of solid glasses due to condensation and glass rain takes place on this planet.


3.Gliese 581 C – Possible Chances of Intelligent Life

This called a special planet because scientists think life can exist here. But this planet is very different from earth. This planet rotates around a red dock star for which if you stand on it’s surface the sky will look always red for you. This planet is tidally locked. So one side of this planet will always face sun light and another side always dark. But between the extreme hot and extreme cold parts of this planet there is place where life can exist.


4.HD 188753 – Planet with 3 SUNs

Did you ever wish that there will be two suns in the sky. This dream will come true if you go to this planet. The most amazing thing about this planet is that it has three suns. So you can enjoy three sunshines and three sunsets everyday on this planet.


5.Gliese 1214 B – Planet with Endless Water on the surface

There is no land on the surface of this planet. Whole planet is made of water. The inside of this planet also filled with water and ice only. The scientists have given a nick name to this planet that is. WATER WORLD.



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