How to Transfer Data from Internal Memory to SD Card on Android

How to Transfer Data from Internal Memory to SD Card :- Nowadays, low Internal Memory is a very big concern for most of the smartphone users. Many budget android phones come with a low internal memory of 4GB or 8GB which isn’t enough for users. The users of these low storage phones are not able to keep a lot of apps, high end games, hd videos, high quality photos, favorite songs and many other files on their android phones.

But fortunately, this problem has many quick and easy solutions. Most of the android phones provides SD Card slot, in which you can place a memory card as per your requirement. There are many ways to transfer your internal data or files to SD Card. If you want to move your apps and games to SD Card, then just check out the article    How to Move Apps to SD card on Android (Complete Guide).

Now the topic is ” How to move your photos, videos, music and documents from phone storage to SD Card”. So let’s explore.

files to sd

How to Move Internal Storage to SD Card (Move photos, videos, music and files) :

The screenshots below have taken on Samsung android phone which may look a little different from the phone you are using. But the process should be almost similar.

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