(Expired)How to Buy OnePlus 5 with Complete Review

How to Buy OnePlus 5 with Complete Review:-
Hi guys, OnePlus 3t is running successfully and one of the most top rated phone now a days. Now the company launched another brand new model as OnePlus 5. If we consider the basic look, this phone looks like an iPhone 7 with better specification in half price. So let’s explore the the complete Review of OnePlus 5.

Complete Review of OnePlus 5

1. Appearance of OnePlus 5:-

If you look from the front the front view the phone looks like OnePlus 3t but from back side it has a look of iPhone 7. This phone is very slim only 7.25mm and very light weight of 153 grams. This phone is a little bit slippery without cover as it is very thin but you don’t need to worry about the dropping of the phone. The colour tone if this phone looks more natural and it will give your eyes a very comfortable experience. You may face some problem on this phone on direct sunlight.

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