Top 10 Simple Questions Only A Genius Can Answer!

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Top 10 Simple Questions Only A Genius Can Answer!  Hey friends, do you want to test your intelligence? If so, then you must read this article. Here we have come with top 10 most interesting questions to test your intelligence. Let’s see if you can answer to these questions? If you answer all the questions correctly then no doubt that you really a very Genius person and if you can’t then you will learn something new.

We have also provided all the answers to you in this article but before that you have to try your best to give answers. When you feel that you have tried enough you can check the answers​. So without any delay let’s talk about Top 10 Simple Questions Only A Genius Can Answer!

Top 10 Simple Questions Only A Genius Can Answer!

1. A man and his son, ‘Jonny’ were travelling in a car.On the way they had accident and some people bring them to a hospital.In hospital a doctor saw Jonny and said oh!my God this is my son. Now answer how Jonny can be the doctor’s son?

2. ‘A’ is the father of ‘B’. But ‘B’ is not the son of ‘A’. Tell me how?

3. A man is trapped in a dark room by some kidnappers. The man
had 2 red tablets and 2 blue tablets in his pocket. If the man eats one blue and one red tablet, he will get super power to escape from there. But if he eats 2 red tablets or 2 blue tablets or more than 2 tablets he will die with in a minute. Now tell me the answer how that man will eat 1 red and 1 blue tablet without help of any lights.

4. You are participating​ in a race. You overtook the second person. What is your position now?

5. How many bricks does it take to complete a building made of bricks.

6. Some months have 31 days, while some other months have 30 days.
Now say how many months have 28 days?

7. What comes once in a month, twice in a moment but never in a year?

8. What always comes but never arrives?

9. How many apples can you put in an empty basket?

10. How many times 10 can be subtracted from 100?

Dear friends just came through ‘Top 10 Simple Questions Only A Genius Can Answer!’ Now check how many questions have you answered correctly.


1.The doctor is Jonny’s mother.

2. ‘B’ is the daughter of ‘A’.

3. The many will eat half of the each 4 tablets.

4. Obviously Second place.

5. The last brick.

6. All the 12 months​ have 28 days.

7. Letter ‘m’.

8. Tomorrow

9. Only one, because after putting one apple the basket is no more empty.

10. Only once. After that you have to subtract from 90.


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Finally friends you got every answers to “Top 10 Simple Questions Only A Genius Can Answer!”.How many questions have you answered correctly? please don’t forget to write in the comment box below.Keep visiting.Thanks a lot.

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