Everything you need to know about Google Glass

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Everything you need to know about Google Glass:-
Hi friends, welcome to the article about the Google Glass. As all of you know that Google is really a very big brand and it always surprises it’s users by bringing a new innovation. Today we will get the brief idea about Google Glass. Google Glass is device which we can use by mounting it on our head for audio, video chatting , GPS, E mail and weather report. This app runs on Android operating system and this can be controlled using an android app called ” Glassware”. You can also control this device using voice commands. So guys let’s start the article Everything you need to know about Google Glass.

Features of Google Glass:-

1. The Voice Command Feature:
By this feature of Google Glass you can easily control the device using voice commands which is really very cool. Before controlling the device using voice commands you need to activate the feature. You can activate the voice commands feature by saying “Okay Google”.

2. Photo and Video Feature:
By using the in-built camera is this device you can capture your memorable moments live. You can also record video in 720p HD. So every time you don’t need to search for your smartphone when you want to capture an interesting moment of your life.


3. Map Feature:
If you want to reach your destination using map this app will help you in the best way. You don’t need to look at your Smartphone again and again while driving. This device has some additional feature like interior navigation by which the device will navigate you in indoor as well. But you need to connect Google Glass to GPS and WiFi to use the navigation feature.


4. Wink Feature:
This is the newly added feature to Google Glass device which was previously but there. But now you can use this feature. This feature makes the device user friendly and more attractive. By using the wink functionality you can take photo or video just with a wink.


5. Live Feature:
This feature enables the users to get live updates in your every day life from live cricket scores to live traffic updates using this Google Glass device. This device will make your life more easier with such amazing feature. This device is just like your current news feeds.


6. Third Party Feature:
You can use this device by connecting your device to your WiFi. When you are not in the coverage area of you can connect Google Glass to mobile and use it comfortably.


About the Design of Google Glass:-

This device is designed very smartly as it is very thin and light weight. This is also very flexible to use. This is unbreakable and you can use it very comfortably. This Google Glass device has amazing in-built feature such as WiFi, camera, Bluetooth, speaker, microphone and touch pad. It’s really easy to fit on face just like a casual eyewear. The frame can be separated from the eyewear and attached to another frame. Google Glass is available in 5 different colours as Shale , tangerine, charcoal, cotton and sky colour.


So friend this is an amazing device to try but the only problem is that it’s very expensive. We hope you like this article. Please share this post. Thank you.

Let's share, sharing is caring.

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