Get Rs 300 Free Paytm Cash Easily from The Panel Station Survey

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How to Get Rs 300 Free Paytm Cash Easily from The Panel Station Survey:- Hello friends, Paytm Cash is very popular now a days and there are Websites or Apps which give you free Paytm Cash for doing some certain tasks. But earning Paytm Cash from these websites or Apps is little bit difficult because they pay very low amount for your hard work. So this time we are coming with another superb trick by which you can earn Rs 300 Paytm Cash very easily. You just need to complete some easy surveys to earn free Paytm Cash or shopping vouchers from this website.

The Panel Station website is very secure and genuine so you don’t need to worry about the payment. So friends let’s go to How to Get Rs 300 Free Paytm Cash Easily from The Panel Station Survey.

What is The Panel Station?

The Panel Station Survey portal is one of the best and biggest online portal which gives it’s users Paytm Cash and gift vouchers for completing surveys. You can earn reward points ranging from 100 to 5000 depending upon the survey you are completing. Your points which you earned by completing surveys will be credited to your Panel Station account automatically.

When you have 3000 points in your Panel Station account you can redeem your points for Rs 300 Paytm Cash, freecharge coupon, Amazon or Flipkart Gift vouchers. For this you just need to sign up in the Panel Station website and complete your profile. You we be invited for surveys through emails.


Step by Step Guide to Earn Free Paytm Cash from The Panel Station:

1. At first you have to Sign Up for The Panel Station website by visiting this Link.

2. Now you need fill up your complete details like your First Name, Last name, Email address and Date of Birth. Make sure that you are 18+ years old.

3. Then you need select your gender as female because there are more surveys for females.

4. Now you have select your city. Select any popular and big city.

5. Then select Start Earning Option and verify the Captcha then click on the Next button.

6. Now a verification mail will be sent to your registered email address. Just check your email inbox and verify your Panel Station account using the link provided in the email.

7. Now your Panel Station account will be activated successfully.

8. You will receive a password for your Panel Station account via email. Just note your password.

9. Then you need to login to your account and visit dashboard. You will find a lot of surveys there.

10. Choose any survey from there and complete it to earn points.

11. The surveys are quite easy and simple to complete.

12. You will also be invited through email to complete new surveys. So you just need to check your mail regularly. You may also receive many surveys invitations in a single day.

13. If you complete your profile with all the required details you will receive 1200-1400 points instantly. For this you been to complete all the 4 profiles provided there. For each profile you will get 300-400 points.


How to Redeem from The Panel Station:

You can redeem your Panel Station points for free Paytm Cash, Amazon vouchers or Flipkart vouchers.

When you reached 3000 points in your Panel Station account you will be able to redeem your points for Rs 300.

To redeem your points you have to go to your points and click on the Redeem option. Then select how you want to redeem your Panel Station points.

You can select your your favourite from the list of Paytm Cash and Gift vouchers.

If you redeem for Paytm Cash you will receive the amount in your Paytm Wallet and of you redeem for the Gift vouchers you will receive the voucher code in your email.

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