Top 5 most unbelievable amazing scientific facts about human eyes

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Everyone knows that ‘eyes’ are one of the most important part of our body. You are thinking our eye is just a normal organ that helps us to see everything around you. But in reality, it’s no less than a wonder, a most wonderful gift for us by the nature. Human eye is believed to be one of the most complex organs in the human body.

Here I made collection of top 5 amazing facts about human eyes from different internet sources that will boost your knowledge about eyes. So let’s get started the topic about Top 5 most unbelievable amazing scientific facts about human eyes.

Top 5 most unbelievable amazing scientific facts about human eyes


1. How our eyes work!

When our eyes see the outside world,the images formed in our eyes is actually upside down.But it’s the mind which helps us to see the things correctly.
Don’t think that our mind have this talent of making us see the upside down images in upright position since our birth. Because after birth our mind also sees the things upside down,for this reason when you smile at a new born baby it looks you in surprise because everything looks upside down to that baby.
Here are two more amazing facts about babies:

A new born baby cries with no tears become it’s tear producing glands are not fully developed.

A new born baby see the world in black and white only.

2. Amazing properties of eyes.

Our eye is made of 2 million parts that works together to make us see.

This is the second most complex organ of our body after brain.

Our eye is more powerful than any camera in the world.

In terms of mega pixels,our eye is 576 mega pixels.

3. Blinking of eyes

Our eye blinks for 0.4-0.5 seconds. When we blink there is complete dark around us still we can’t feel this because this happens for a very short time. If we add all the blinks of eye together than we stay in dark for nearly 30 minutes everyday.We blink nearly 28000 times per day.

4. Colour Detection

I am asking you, how many colours are there. If you answer is 12 or anything else than you are wrong.
Actually there are infinite colours in the world. From those infinite numbers of colours our eyes can only identify 10 Million colours.

5. Colour of eyes

In population world people with black and brown eyes are common. Also you have seen people with blue eyes.
But do you know there are some people exist with grey, green, red and even violet eyes also.



Really friends our eye is one of most beautiful gift for us. We think you enjoy reading “Top 5 most amazing facts about human eyes.” If you have any suggestions or questions never forget to write in the comment box below. Thanks for visiting our site. Be happy.

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