Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets Under Rs.250 Only

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Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets Under Rs.250 Only:- Hello guys, I am Arjun back again with another article about top 5 tech gadgets which you can purchase from Amazon for Rs.250 or less. I am really impressed after using these Gadgets and I hope you will like these too. So with out more discussion let’s go to the article and find our the top 5 amazing gadgets.

Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets Under Rs.250 Only:

1. Universal 3 in 1 Lens for Smartphone

This is our first tech in our list. This 3 in 1 Universal Lens comes with a Fish eye Lens, a Wide Angle Lens, a Macro Lens and a clip to hold the lens with the Smartphone. Using the fish eye Lens you can enjoy 180 degrees view from your Smartphone’s camera. You can take quality pictures tiny objects using the macro lens.  To take pictures of large area or a group of people you can use the Wide angle lens. So if you are camera addicted person you may try these lens for better experience.


2. Mini Portable Rechargeable USB Fan

Let’s talk about the another Gadget in our list. This is mini Rechargeable USB Fan which you can use while traveling or any other places where electric fan is not available. You have to charge this phone using USB cable before using. Once you charge the fan fully you can use the fan for 1-2 hours. You can also use it while charging. It has 3 speed modes. It also contains a LED light which is useful in an emergency situation. From my experience it’s really useful when there is no electricity. So you can try this.


3. Selfie Flashlight with 16 LEDs

Let’s move to our next Gadget. This is for the selfie lovers who like to take selfies frequently. This LED flash light will help you to take selfies in dark or insufficient light places. This flashlight has 16LEDs which will provide you high quality light while clicking selfie. It has 3.5mm pin jack, so you can use this gadget with any Smartphone. The built-in rechargeable battery of this flashlight will not consume the power of your Smartphone which is amazing. So make your decision.

4. Mini Portable OTG/USB Fan for Smartphone

This is another very small fan which you can use with your Smartphone or tablet. You can always keep it in your pocket and use it anywhere. This fan is very cool and fast. You can use it with micro USB power. Though it’s very small in size, it provides sufficient air throw to make you cool.

5. Automatic Sensor Multi Colour Changing Light

Last but not the least tech gadget in our list. This a decorative lamp in mushroom shape. It has automatic sensor Night LED bulbs. It will light up automatically when the room is completely dark. If you want the lamp to glow without darkness then you can cover the sensor at the bottom of the light. The multi colour light will make you feel romantic at night. The light will shut down automatically when the light is illuminated. So try this guys you will love it.

If you have any suggestions, drop in the comment box below. Share these amazing techs with your friends. Thanks for visiting our sites.


Let's share, sharing is caring.

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