How to use Whatsapp web qr code scanner on your mobile device – Whatsapp Web

How to use Whatsapp web qr code scanner on your mobile device – Whatsapp Web:- Hello friends, most of us know that WhatsApp is a mobile application and the official desktop software of WhatsApp is not available. But there is an official way to use your WhatsApp Account in your web browser like Google chrome, Firefox or any others.

In the web version of WhatsApp you can use every features of WhatsApp mobile app. In the web version you will get a better experience of using WhatsApp. The procedure is very simple. So let’s read the full article to know the process of using WhatsApp on laptop.

How to use whatsapp web qr code scanner on your mobile device Whatsapp web :

1. First of all visit WhatsApp Web by Clicking Here from your Desktop Browser.

2. Now you see a page with QR code as the screenshot attached below.

3. Then open WhatsApp on your Smartphone.

4. Then tap on the 3 vertical dots at the right top of your mobile screen.

5. Now tap on WhatsApp Web from the options.

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6. Now your Smartphone is ready to Scan the QR CODE. Smartphone’s camera will be used to scan the QR code on desktop browser.

7. Place on Smartphone at the correct position in front your desktop browser to scan the QR code successfully.

8. Once the QR code scanned successfully you can experience the web version of WhatsApp.

Things you should Know About WhatsApp Web:

1. It will take a few minutes to load your WhatsApp Web, then you can use WhatsApp on your laptop or desktop.

2. Both your smartphone and laptop should be connected to internet to setup your WhatsApp Web version.

3. Make sure that using the latest version of WhatsApp to use this facility.

4. If the WhatsApp Web page doesn’t load sometimes, then try to reload the page.

5. Your WhatsApp Account will be logged in on the desktop browser until you log out or clear your browser data.

6. To log out from web version click on the three vertical dots at the right top of your chat list on the desktop.

7. You can again log in to WhatsApp Web using the same procedure.

So here I have explained every details about WhatsApp Web. I hope it will help to enjoy WhatsApp on your desktop. Share this post with your friends. If you have any questions you can ask in the comment box below.

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2 thoughts on “How to use Whatsapp web qr code scanner on your mobile device – Whatsapp Web”

  1. Hello sir its good to hear abt wts app web.. but if some sacn my QR code by sum mistakes or to monitor my activities how i com to know that some one reading my chats in web version… or in lappy may bi my family meber can do i would no. What is the trick or procedure to with our mobile wheather sum one seeing my wts app chat on lappy…. may be my room mate.. its very serious concern
    .suppose my frirnd scan QR code.. n reading my chats in his lap top . How i com to know and what is the remedy.. plz do the needful.. its a very serious thing abt my wts app account.. does i get sum notification tht my account is also login in sum other divice.

    • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and tap on menu. Then select WhatsApp Web from the list. Now you will able to see which computers have been logged in to your WhatsApp Account. You can log from there.

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