How to Lock and Unlock Your Smartphone Apps with your Face

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How to Lock and Unlock Your Smartphone Apps with your Face :- Hello guys, Most us use app locker apps in our Smartphones. These app help us to lock our Smartphone’s screen as well as our favorite apps. But most of the app locker provide two types of locking options as pattern lock and pin lock. Some locker apps supports fingerprint lock but unfortunately every Smartphone doesn’t have fingerprint feature. Here I will tell you about an android app by which you can lock and unlock your apps and mobile using your face. This is really a very interesting feature of this app. So let’s have a look.

How to Lock and Unlock Your Smartphone Apps with your Face:

1. First of all Download IObit Applock from play store.

2. Open the app and set your pattern lock.

3. Confirm your pattern lock. You can also choose PIN lock instead.

4. Now Select the Apps you want to lock.

5. Tap on the three lines at the left top corner for menu options.

6. Now tap on ‘Face Lock’.

7. Then tap on ‘Start’ on the next page.

8. Now the app will download AI Database. Wait for download to complete.

9. You will see the instruction page now.

10. Keep your phone at eye level, keep your head still, ensure adequate light and no covered face.

11. Tap on ‘Enable Now’.

12. Front camera will be opened to scan your face. Keep your face as per the instructions.

13. You will see a green tick mark for the confirmation of your face lock.

14. Now enable Face lock for your apps by tapping on the face icons next to the app names.

15. Then when you open an application locked with face lock, you need to scan your face using front camera to start the app.

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Let's share, sharing is caring.

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