Top 10 Best Tips to Save Battery on Your Smartphone 2017

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Top 10 Best Tips to Save Battery on Your Smartphone:- Hello friends, are you frustrated with bad battery life of your phone? Are you tired of carrying your power bank with your Smartphone for all day long? It’s really very sad when you need to use your phone but unfortunately your phone is out of charge and no charging options available there. Now a days Smartphone phones are coming with many amazing features but long battery life is a very big concern for all of us. So here I am going share you top 10 tricks to make your Smartphone battery last longer and you can make the best use of your mobile phone’s battery. So let’s get started.

Top 10 Best Tips to Save Battery on Your Smartphone:

1. Turn off all your Connectivity Services on Smartphone like WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot and NFC when not in use. Turn on these features only when you really need them.

2. Turn off Apps auto-updates setting from Google play store. If you keep auto updates ON, the apps will automatically update in background consuming Battery.

3. Turn off keyboard typing sound and vibration. Also turn off your screen lock off/on sounds. These sounds and vibrations also consume much battery.

4. Keep your screen brightness as low as you can see everything on your phone. Don’t use auto brightness setting.

5. Decrease your screen time-out to 15 or 30 seconds. In case you forgot to lock your screen, it will be locked automatically very soon with this setting.


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6. Don’t use live wallpaper. Always use a static wallpaper. Interestingly use a plain back wallpaper on your display to consume less battery. You may enable dark mode, if available on your smartphone.

7. Turn off background data for apps. Only allow background data to those apps which you think necessary for you. It will save your battery as well as data.

8. Don’t use a duplicate or fake charges. Always use only original charges to charge your phone. Fake charges may ruin your mobile battery.

9. Don’t use the apps, which use your phone’s sensors unnecessarily for some activities which we don’t need actually. For example if you hold and move your phone, the screen will be turn on automatically.

10. Turn off Voice Command feature setting like hey Siri, ok Google etc. on your smartphone. It uses the microphone continuously consuming power.


So guys if you follow these tricks you can surely use your Smartphone battery for long time. If you have any suggestions or questions please don’t forget to write in the comment box below.

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Let's share, sharing is caring.

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