10 Things you should Never Do on your Android Phone

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10 Things you should Never Do on your Android Phone:- Hello guys, most us use android smartphones and do many things with it like internet browsing, playing games and many more. But in the article I am going to share you the 10 things you should never do on your android phone. So let’s explore.

10 Things you should Never Do on your Android Phone:

1. Installing Applications from Unknown Sources
There are millions of apps available in play store but still many users download and install apk of different apps by searching on Google from websites. One of the reason behind downloading apps from Unknown Sources is the users get paid apps for free. But installing apps from unknown sources may be harmful for you because the apps may contains malware which will leak your personal data and monitor your activities.

2. Killing Apps from Recent Apps List

This is a most common activity for most of the Smartphone users. In every few minutes users open their recent apps list and swipe to clean the list. They think that this might help their phone to work faster or clean RAM. But this is actually very bad for your phone. Android operating system is smart enough to manage apps and memory so you don’t need to do this. When you close an apps from Recent Apps and start it again after sometime the app again start from zero. To start the app again your phone uses more processor and battery. So leave your apps in recent list.


3. Using an Antivirus App on Android

Most of the android user have an Antivirus app on their Smartphone. But you don’t really need an Antivirus on Smartphone as long as you download apps and files from secure sources. There are some antivirus apps which may useful for you but these apps consume much battery on Smartphone.


4. Using Battery Saver Apps

Every Smartphone user want to save battery for long time. To do this they use Battery Saver Apps. But these apps basically runs in background and kills your recent apps which consumes more battery. The battery saver apps make your brightness lower, disconnect WiFi or data when not in use. All these things you can do yourself. So why should you Install a battery saver app to consume more battery.

5. Installing Fake Apps on Android

You may have noticed, if you search for a popular app in play store, you will see many apps with the same name. From all those apps, one app is official and other apps are completely useless fake. For example your phone doesn’t support fingerprint scanner but you will find many apps which claim that they can enable fingerprint on your smartphone. Is it not a joke. So stay away from these apps, don’t waste your time and data by using these kind of fake apps.


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6. Clearing Cache Memory

Everyone want their phone memory have more space, so they use different cleaner apps to clean cache from their phone. This process cleans your phone memory but it’s not helpful for us. The apps keep temporary data on our phone to work faster when we use those apps or functions again. But if you clean cache, the apps will take more time and battery when you use again. If you really need to clean memory, you can do manually.


7. Trusting Fake Messages

Each and every day we see different types of viral messages on WhatsApp or Facebook. For example ‘ Share this message or visit this link to get Rs.1000 free recharge’. These kinds of messages are completely fake. So please don’t trust these fake message you will get nothing from these.


8. Rooting Your Smartphone

If  you know what is rooting and why are you going to root your phone then go for it. Don’t think it would be cool and you can do many amazing things after rooting your phone. Rooting may harm your phone or make it dead.


9. Ignoring App Permissions

Don’t ignore the app permission while installing an app. Check the permissions for an app before allowing. For example – if you are installing a calculator app, it should not ask you for permissions like your contacts, GPS location or camera. If you think the app does require a permission then don’t allow it. Because it may leak your private data.


10. Not Restarting Your Smartphone

Using Smartphone for long time is a very common thing for every user. But you need to restart your Smartphone twice or thrice with in a week to make your phone healthy and works freshly for you.


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